Do you wish to sell your real estate property? Here is the step-by-step process.


  1. At the beginnig, we always need to know needs. Whatever is the reason, why you sell your property, there are always a term and price expectations and ISG reality is here to help you to recommend you the right conditions for the process. These conditions are mention in our service contract. We know, there has been lot of bad experience the public picked up with other agencies. There are no traps in the contract and we always make sure, you understand the contract to the detail.
  2. Everytime we sell a property, presentation needs to be set up. ISG Reality supplies the presentation with professional photos, floorplan and virtual viewing. The property will be presented at the most visited websites in Czech republic and beyong in order to expose your property to as big market as possible. As a trusted partner for property investments, our clients have invested about $150 millions so far, and we will always offer your property to our best clients. Banners and homestaging can also be provided and our renovation team can deal even with bigger obstacles.
  3. During the process of presenting your property, offers appear and we are here to sort the real deal out of it. We have no intend to do just exhibitions of your property, so we always make sure, that the demand is true.
  4. How to make a viewing,so it delivers good impression? According to our inspection, we can always perform a viewing, that works. Our employees are fluent in English, which will make a viewing go smooth, when attended by foreigners.
  5. As soon as we find the buyer, we will block the property for other offers. There will be an obligation for the buyer to finish the trade. Reservé deposit is always part of the total price.
  6. During the reservation term, the transaction and mortgage documents are prepared. This servis is always inclusive. If the buyer uses our financial service, the risk, that the property won´t get evaluated enough to finance the property, is eliminated .
  7. When the contract is signed, money starts leaving the escrow, and the porperty burreau begins the process of the new ownership rights recognition. At this moment, the buyer is free to use the property on his own. ISG Reality will help you to rework the utility billing information.
  8. After the sales process, ISG will help you to deal with tax obligations.